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Great quality moss's and liverworts.

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Thanks! Everything came in excellent shape.

Very nicely packaged, instructions, and labeling. Very impressed.
How long does it take for the Fissedens and Moss's to go from
Emersed to Submersed form? Thanks again

I recommend using these guys.
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I hope the "Star Moss" can grow submersed. I've read a great deal saying otherwise, but I'm really stubborn. :D
Def let us know how it fairs, Jeff.

Hope you don't mind me using you as a guinea pig. :D
I don't want to jinx myself, but it's 2-3 weeks later and it's growing :D
High Co2, high light, weekly water changes. I was reading that the star moss is actually called "Concrete Moss". It grows submerged on concrete. It's currently growing on rocks in my tank with a hair net holding it down. Apparently it likes high alkalinity, maybe the rocks that the moss is on makes it happy. Its only been a couple weeks, so we'll see what happens.

The professor examined the moss and he said it's Hyophila involuta, a moss that can often be found growing on cement walls. The professor also said it is not an aquatic moss and that is probably the reason Bioplast never had great success with it. With most mosses, urban development spells doom but this moss thrives on construction. The more walls are built, the more they are spread around. It's a moss that likes high alkalinity, you see. So if you're one of those die-hard moss lovers who aren't daunted by the fact that this isn't an aquatic moss, raise the Ph of your water if you want them to flourish in your tank. Gan CW, the professor and I are of the opinion that a suitable common name for H. involuta would be "Cement Moss". It's a down-to-earth name for an extremely lovely moss but nevertheless, very appropriate.
How long did it take your shipmnt to reach the US.
Hmm I think the whole process was a 1 week to week and half, that was processing and shipping. So I'm not really sure. Hey Wilma, any of those Olive nerites come in yet?
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