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Green Neon Tetra HELP!

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Hi guys, I just noticed that 1 or 2 of my green neon tetras are sick! It looks like on either side of their bodies there is the neon strip missing! it started as a little spec and this morning while i was feeding them i noticed that most of its color was missing on one side. im also noticing that its spreading to another fish!

Help me please! id like to take care of this issue before it progresses to my other fishes!

I dont have the water parameters.

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Well the first thing we need is more info. Test your water, check everything is working ok and do a 50% or so water change with dechlorinated water in case it is a filter issue.

It could be Neon tetra disease if there is a loss of colour, but until we know that everything else is fine then that that would be speculation.
Please do some proper water tests before you jump to conclusions and kill your fish. Stressful conditions will cause fish to produce extra mucous and can lead to colour changes too. If the water test come out ok, then you can start looking further.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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