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Green water/algae bloom

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I know it's not unheard of when tanks are only a few months old to have an algae bloom. I've been trying to get even a little control of it but to no avail.

Background: It started after I added some osmocote root tabs deep under the sand substrate. I pushed the tabs all the way to the bottom with tweezers so I don't know why it's getting into the water column, unless one of the capsules broke near the surface of the sand as I was pushing it down.

Tried so far: 3-day blackout treatment immediately followed by a tank flush - 90% water change. It looked pretty good after this, then went right back to green. I added sponges to the intakes of both filters, and polyfil floss inside my HOB filter. Still green.

Lighting: two 6500k T8 LED bulbs in a converted fluorescent fixture (33Gal/125L) = 22.4 Watts/Litre

Special Concern: I have live plants and don't want to harm them, and most algae treatments that I'm aware of are pretty harsh on plants. I also have snails and shrimp that I don't want to harm with chemicals.


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I just saw the willow branch thread - does it have to be a special type of willow tree or does any species work?
You can use UV or diatom filter.

I'm trying to make green water for my daphnia by leaving on the light 24/7.
Ok I found a UV sterilizer light on Amazon - I heard they can kill fish. How do you protect against that? (I've never used one)
If you expose UV to any living thing, it'll damage living cells. UV sterilizers block UV to the outside.
Ok, so how do I use one? How do I prevent it from hurting my fish and other organisms in my tank?
What product did/will you buy?
What product did/will you buy?
I was looking at this one that goes in the flow of a preexisting filter
I suggest this.

You just put it in your tank. No worries with installing in your filter or dead animals.
Thanks, it apparently is arriving today! The Excel, lowered lighting and willow branches have improved the cloudiness, but it's kind-of reached a plateau so can't wait to put this filter in as soon as it arrives!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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