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Greenwater... Maybe

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My tank is green. But it gets slightly green and stays that one. The actual water i assure you is green but for 2 weeks now it just stays slightly green and doesn;t go full boar into greenwater or anything. The only way i can explain it is i let the tank run out of nutrients / co2 and then a couple week later pumped it full of everything again. Maybe the greenwater is just barely living and not propagating?

Anyways is there a way to get rid of the green tinge? Blackouts dont work it just comes back but never gets greener beyond a certain point.
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GW will hang on forevever, I think you will kill your plants or hurt them pretty good. GW likes CO2 and intense light. Once present, it's tough to get rid of.
Your case sounds typical.

Here's a method that's cheap: use one of those Hagen quick filters and slightly clog it with mulm first, these are 5 micron filters and the GW cells are 2-3 microns so they should all get removed and rinse off the filter and take it out carefully.

Leave this in for a few days after or anytime you see the GW. Add more filtration/established biomedia etc, raise the light up some if possible.
As the tank matures more, plants grow well, this will not be an issue generally.

Tom Barr
If you want to experiment, get a UV, easy to use and works easily. The diatoms are okay but you set them up. UV? Flip a switch, kill green water.
80$ will get you a new UV.

You will not beat GW with nutrient dosing. It'll still grow and hang on far beyond the limits to the plants.

Tom Barr
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