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Greenwater... Maybe

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My tank is green. But it gets slightly green and stays that one. The actual water i assure you is green but for 2 weeks now it just stays slightly green and doesn;t go full boar into greenwater or anything. The only way i can explain it is i let the tank run out of nutrients / co2 and then a couple week later pumped it full of everything again. Maybe the greenwater is just barely living and not propagating?

Anyways is there a way to get rid of the green tinge? Blackouts dont work it just comes back but never gets greener beyond a certain point.
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The System 1 diatomous earth filter, while about USD80 or so is expensive and a bit clunky in its design, is an excellent method of cleaning out green water. It's portable and if you have other tanks is a great asset over time. You can rent it out to friends... as well.

The S1, while not solving the problem at its source, does allow you to get the tank back to a clear water state and allow plants to get light they need and nutrients too. Using this filter, I was able to clear the tank after several months of messing around with other methods, and then to get nutrient dosing back on track. This particular GW problem has not recurred.

Flourite when disturbed tends to mess with ones filtration especially with bio-media. Having learned some lessons the hard way, I always turn off the main filter before working on the substrate or removing plants (such as tugging up huge sword plants...). I then run the S1 filter and when the tank is clear turn the main filter back on...

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...

Ancrew Cribb
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