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Greenwater... Maybe

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My tank is green. But it gets slightly green and stays that one. The actual water i assure you is green but for 2 weeks now it just stays slightly green and doesn;t go full boar into greenwater or anything. The only way i can explain it is i let the tank run out of nutrients / co2 and then a couple week later pumped it full of everything again. Maybe the greenwater is just barely living and not propagating?

Anyways is there a way to get rid of the green tinge? Blackouts dont work it just comes back but never gets greener beyond a certain point.
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Interesting turn of events if anyone is till watching this. I dose tons of nutrients change the bulb and add some platies which eat surface scum. Tank clears in two ays plants Sparkle and grow like crazy. I say to myself shane its a good idea to clip your plants so i did. I added back nutrients less than before but still 1/2tsp KNO3 a ppm or so of PO4 and 9/64ths tbsp plantex csm+b. Tank goes to absolute hell. Greenwater comes back with a vengence.

I blame these two things. 1: Nutrients got too low at one point in the two days i was gone, or 2: My tank is cursed and my plants revolted from me cutting them.

So now i have full on greenwater. I am not so sure about this home made filter Tom because to be honest i dont really know the product and dont want to try it. Mainly because it doesn't cost me much to get a UV maybe a hundred or so. I want to expirement. Here is the plan. 14ppm NO3 will be added 3x a week, 1/32 tbsp KH2PO4 will be added 3x a week. 9/64tbsp of plantex csm+b will be added with 10ml of Flourish Iron will be added 3-4x a week. Hair algae is now a problem too but from what i can tell it might be from too dense of planting... says that in Aquarium plants handbook. Now plants have been growing and pearling like nuts the whole time. Is this stupid or is it worth it 2x 90% water changes will be done twice a week and co2 is now off. All this is coming from Aquarium plants handbook.
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Where can i get one for $80?

Thanks for assistance.
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