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Greetings and intro from Singapore

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Hi to all! Just started in this hobby and would appreciate all the help I could get.
Will be needing all the tips you guys can give me.
BTW does anyone know the chemical composition of the tap water in Singapore?
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Hello! Glad to have you with us -- the nice thing about the Internet is being able to share the hobby with so many people of other countries.

I wish I could answer the question about water in Singapore, but I am unable to. I'm hoping we have some other Singaporians who will speak up and help us out here.


you can try this link

Welcome to APC Laconic!

Go ahead and ask away, everyone is more than happy to help out. :)
Welcome to APC Laconic :smile: ... You have came to the right place for help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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