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MTechnik said:
Welcome aboard man, like Phillyman and Thaerin I'm close too. Good to see another mid-atlanic person!
Hmm... seem to have missed this thread. Just logged on today for the first time in a while, 285 pages of posts to catch up on :). Well, I'm local to Delaware, at the University actually. Giancarlo is also local and a few others, best way to get in touch with us is probably direct email, jeff at rockytop dot net (as if the spiders won't get that :) ), as I can't promise to keep up on the boards. For LFS I drive to Randelstown MD to the Aquarium Center, I haven't found anything in the Philadelphia I care for freshwater-wise, altho the hidden reef in NE is a definate must see if you experiment on the other side of the salt also.

I'll drive down and visit Ghazanfar and company every once and a while. If I'm going on a trip down to the AC, I usually post to the Yahoo Group and try and arrange a carpool, might be worth adding yourself to list to see whats going down...

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