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Greetings from Mississippi

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Hi I'm new to this forum. Have been lurking here for couple weeks and have really added to my knowledge about planted tanks. I have 100G and 45G heavily planted tanks that have been running about 2 years but are still ongoing projects what with rescaping and changing plants ocassionally. :smile: I've recently got into terrariums and have setup a 65G tall tank with waterfall and stream. Boy, these can sure become expensive hobbies! Will be settingup a 30G tank this weekend as a nursery, and yes I'll also plant it! :)
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Carlab... Welcome to APC :smile:

Yes, this is a costly and addictive hobby. But how we love it!

Love to see some pics of your tanks.
Greetings from Texas. I have family in Gulfport, Columbus, and West Point.
Welcome to the board Carlab! Your name really rings a bell with me. We must have crossed paths on another site somewhere along the line. :)
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