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Hello & salutations from Vacaville, CA!

I'm new to the forum and hobby of planted tanks. My previous experience in anything with aquariums was fish and aquatic turtles.

My 100g freshwater community tank features a large piece of driftwood and a collection of tropical fish that keep me entertained. I'm the proud keeper of a school of 15 Odessa Barbs that are actually thriving and breeding in my tank, which is a great surprise as my research findings said that successful breeding would be difficult... however the fry get eaten by the other fish in the community. The other fish are mostly adoptions from locals who were moving or "getting rid" of their fish, including 3 angel fish (haven't figured out their sex yet), a solo pink gourami (he's the mean one), 7 third generation black mollies, 8 second generation sunburst platies, 4 female splendid bettas, 3 red tetras, 6 white tetras, 4 upside down catfish (very entertaining) and 1 very large Asian algae eater (called Titan). Among the crowd are pond snails that hide well enough to keep a decent population, although their offspring make good snacks for the residents. Fry that survive being hunted in the hornwort/duckweed/java moss forest join in the community emerge and join the group every few months... but it is rare to see more than 3 babies emerge from the forest large enough to fend for themselves. The fry are fed brine shrimp and microworms that I harvest from the filter in my turtle tank and mosquito larvae from a bucket on my property, but also eat these tiny red water bugs that live on the surface of the water on the duckweed & hornwort. Thankfully the red bugs are only in this tank.

I also have a 55g tank for my 2 striped muds, 1 yellow-throat mud, and 1 white-lipped mud that is shared with an even larger Asian algae eater (we call him The Kracken) and several rosey red minnows that spend the day hiding and out-swimming the turts. Pond snails and duckweed are also in this tank, mostly for snacking purposes.

Also 10g tank with 6 neon tetras, 5 glow light tetras, 1 ocintulus, 1 male splendid betta & a blue mystery snail. And finally an 8g tank with a gorgeous male splendid betta and another Asian algae eater. No natural plants aside from java moss in these yet.

It will be a pleasure to learn more about keeping plants in my tanks that my fish will not destroy. And to share ideas and thoughts with others sharing the same interests.

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Howdy and welcome to APC! You've got quite a family of aquatic pals. Do we get to see pics?!

There is much to read and learn here, and plenty people to help explain it all. I'm sure you'll have lots to offer folks as well given your experience. :D

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