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greetings from nyc

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hi, i have two pico natural tanks in my apartment. the 2.5g is more heavily planted. By way of introduction, here is my current situation:

i discovered this site too late to prepare the tanks for adequate substrate for planting. so i only had general aquarium gravel, mixed with ammo chips.

i have no C02, and no filtration.

plants:some dwarf hairgrass, dwarf baby tears, wisteria, dwarf anubias and wild collected plant from the delaware river which seems to be doing well. i also have pothos [root only].

i got an attack of brown algae while cycling [i'm about 4-5wks in], and then what i think looked like bga. after a three day blackout algae seems to have come under control, also my wild collected ramshorn snail is working overtime - even laying eggs, which i think my betta is eating as soon as they hatch.

i have a coil fluorescent light 5500k 14w 12hrs, which i'm going to try to reduce to 9hrs to see if that reduces the algae problem.

nh3 = 0
n03 = 20
n02 = 0
ph = 6.5 [i think it's my manzanita, but from what i've read bettas like slightly acidic]
gh = 60
kh = 40
temp = 76

my HC [is that what you call the dwarf baby tears?] is turning yellow, and my christmas moss [i'm not sure if this is actually christmas] has never really come to life, it's kinda brown [and covered in hairy/beard algae possibly]. i may be the one person who can't grow christmas moss [i did put this in before cycling was complete. should i just pull it off and try a new batch?]. but the hairgrass, wisteria and anubias are doing well.

do i need to dose for the dwarf baby tears? if so, liquid or tabs?

[please, no comments about how i need to get a filter]

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Welcome to the forum.
you have to have water circulation or you can easily run into algae problems.
frequent large water change will help reduce algae, and you can also dose excel to help kill some algaes.
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