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Greetings from the great state of AZ

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Just thought I would say Hi, and let everyone see some pics of my tank. It is a 75gal tank. Has a Hagen 304 cannister filter. It is stocked with 1 LARGE angel, about 6 guppies and a couple mollies. The plants are - some type of sword, ludwigia, giant hairgrass and hornwort. It has only been planted for about 4 weeks and I am looking into more plants soon. I am running a DIY CO2 system and approx 1 wpg of lighting.


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Hi there I am also in AZ nice to see a follow Arizonian in the hobby. Are you just starting out the plant part of the hobby, or have u been doing it for a while?
I have had an aquarium for many many years. I had done plants for a while and then I changed things for a while and now I am getting back into plants. I wish I had more money because my tanks would look even better - I would have more lighting and plants etc..

Where are you at in AZ???? I am in Payson
Welcome to the board! :)

That looks like one happy Angel you have. I suppose it really appreciates all of the elbow room. ;-)
That angel is my baby. I have raised him from an egg. His name is Gus.
sorry for the late response. I am in Phoenix. Welcome to APC!
Tamccain... Welcome to APC :)

Nice start on your planted tank... Let me say that the Gaint Hairgrass needs more then 1WPG, they like medium-high light.
yeah I am realizing that the giant hairgrass needs more light. It really started dying on me when I first got it because I had about 1/2 wpg, but since I upgraded to 1wpg it seems like it has started growing again, just slowly.
I have some in a 55G tank with over two watts per gallon and it will start to die if it is just shaded slightly, so I've learned to make sure to keep the other plants pruned back around it.
I just increased my wattage once again to 1.5 wpg. I also found some killifish at (believe it or not) walmart and I bought 4 of them. I don't usually buy at Walmart, but I found something that is farely rare and I had to have them. So far they are doing great in my tank.
Killi's at Wal-Mart???? Wow! :shock:

Last week when I browsed their tanks, it was hard to find a living one, let alone something like that....
so far my killis are doing great too. I was extremely suprised when i saw them, and i was still apprehensive when buying them, but they have turned out to be healthy fish.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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