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Hello All.

First, thanks to everyone here who shares their time and knowledge to help newcomers like myself get up to speed on this fascinating hobby.

After years of pondering, planning, and saving :wink: I've finally taken a few steps toward creating my first planted aquarium.

I had John from Innovative Aquarium Products (I.A.P.) in Bremerton, WA ( build a beautiful 90g (48x18x24) acrylic tank. The workmanship is outstanding and the process from a customer service point of view was excellent. And the price was less than you'd think. I highly recommend I.A.P.

Next, I had a custom stand and canopy built by Robby Phelps from RP Custom Woodworks ( Robby is a true artisan and one of the nicest and most sincere people you'll ever know.

You can see my tank & stand at Robby's site here ( Scroll down to the 2nd tank in the gallery -- 90g eucalyptus and maple.

I've acquired some T-5 lighting kits from Innovative Lighting Solutions ( I have two 2x54w T-5 HO kits. That's 216 watts or 2.4 wpg. Not sure if I should add another 1x54w kit to get me to 270w and an even 3.0 wpg. Anyone have any thoughts on that? (it is 24" deep if that's a consideration and I would like the flexibility to grow plants with a wide range of light requirements).

I also have the Milwaukee pH controller and all-in-one regulator kit that I purchased from Glass Gardens ( in a combo deal. I'll source a CO2 tank locally. Any leads for Portland, OR?

That's about it right now. Still need to work out the filtration and heating schemes, then acquire my substrate (leaning toward 100% Flourite - comments?), plants, and animals. I plan to rely on you all heavily and in return keep you posted on how things go.


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Welcome Tim!

Interesting link to the acrylic tank maker.

To me personally those T5 lights are the best fluorescents you can buy at the moment.

With 24 inches depth 2.4 wpg will not be enough to grow all plants well. I'm also inclined to say that even 3 wpg will not be enough for that purpose. On the other hand 24" is a pretty deep tank an you may want to go with low maintenance plants that often grow well in less light.

I think that the Fluorite is a good idea. Have the CO2 running and get the right amount of it from the start - it should take you not more than a day. Fill the tank with plants from day 1. A few days later, if you can, add a lot of otos and Amano shrimps.

Inspect all plants that you get for hitchhiking algae. Rinse the plants with lukewarm tap water very well and remove all dead leaves and visible algae.

Post pictures of the progress if you can.

Good luck!

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