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Greetings from Virginia

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Just joined the forum and after looking around it looks like I am going to enjoy being a member. I've been in the fishkeeping hobby for a year now but did it years ago also. Never tried a live plant tank before but after seeing a few pics I've decided to try doing one up. I'm sure I'll learn alot here to accomplish my goals. Glad to be a member!!
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Heya! What part of Virginia? DC area happens to have one of the bestest planted tank clubs there are.

I'm a bit biased, maybe, being a part of it. ;)

We've got a couple of meetings coming up that'd be right up your alley if you are starting, too! February goes over lighting options, March is a DIY project workshop for some simple DIY items, and the 'mini' club auctions at every meeting are anything but mini if you are looking for plants.
Welcome to the forum, Greg. This is a great place for learning about planted aquariums.

I started about 6 months ago and will have to attribute all of my interest and growth to this forum.

Welcome again and you'll love it here.
Welcome to the community Greg! As stated you'll learn lots of things here and get off to a great start with the planted side of things. :)
:wave: Welcome aboard! Virginia is a beautiful state. I grew up there. Glad to have you! :D
Hello Greg... Welcome to APC :p
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