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I have been an aquarium enthusisit most of my life. I have had mostly small tanks not larger than 10 gallons. Over the last five years I graduated so to speak from 10 to 29 gallons. It was at that time that I began planting my tanks with live plants. My results were poor at best. the plants seem to onlt service for a few weeks at best. But I pressed on and endured loss after loss. I then obtaimed a 55 gallon tank. the advent of internet access in my home allowed me to do some research. Tons of research. More research than I ever did in school or college

I went with a semi natural substrate and no CO2. Compared to my previous results with the 29 gallon tank, I feel that I was far more successful. However, again, losses seemed to be inevitable that tank eventually failed in about 5 months as I recall. That was three years ago.

Today, I am planning a 75 gallon tank. These are the basics. Keep in mind that as of yet this tank does not exist it is only in preliminary planning stages and in all likelyhood change as I consider results from my fellow aquarists -- friends like you

• aquarium type: Glass
• Gallons: 75
• dimensions:
Height: 20” (Top to Bottom)
Width: 18” (Front to Back)
Length: 48” (Wide)
• Lighting: 270 Watts Fluorescent
• Co2 system: complete details: None
• Substrate: Natural (Sand / Peat / Vermiculite / Clay ) mix with white sand covering all. To a varied depth of 2 – 6 inches
• Water temp: 78 – 80 degrees
• Driftwood: how many pieces? How large?) 1 Medium Piece
• Planting preference: Light to Moderate with these plants in mind
Crypt moehlmanii
" parva
" willisii
" balansae
" albida
" cordata 'rosanervig'
" ponterderifolia
" wendtii x hybrid
Lagenandra meeboldii
Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia ''1705''
" barteri var. 'nana golden'
" barteri var. 'nana narrow leaf'
C. retrospiralis
Hemianthus callitrichoides

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So many Cryts ... Well They all will not be in the tank. Availabilty will be the governing factor. I would also like to see some Java moss, some ricca and other "ground cover" plants. Here's a pic of the style of tank I'm goinfg for. Not to copy this exactly but for the general style.


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