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My name is Bill Harada and I live in Fremont, California. Let's be friends! [inane reference to a early morning kid show from the early 70s]

I'm 42, have a wife (of 20 years!) and two kids (10 and 7). I was born and raised in Pearl City, Hawaii. Joined the USAF after high school, met my wife while on a TDY assignment to Fremont in '82, got married and settled here after my 4-yr enlistment ended.

I've kept fish since I was a kid, but only seriously (actually buying them as opposed to catching guppies and swordtails in a stream) since jr. high. Back then I added plants (what limited stock the LFSs carried, mainly Crypts, Swords and Vals) and grew them with limited success under very low light conditions. Inevitably, the plants would fail, my community tank would bore me and I'd end up with something predatory...typically an Oscar.

Well, after we had our first kid and moved into a new house I abandoned my aquarium hobby. The fact that the biggest LFS in the area decided to close didn't help. It wasn't until last year, when I saw a low-light planted tank my brother had set up that I got interested again. Research on the Web gave me the wealth of information, as well as the online plant stores I needed to jump back in. The rest is history...
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