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I imagine you're going to need more CO2 with that much lighting. Especially if you have a good plant load and are fertilizing. I recommend EI, I just switched to it from PMDD and the benefits are amazing.

So far, it looks like my baby tears might be growing successfully for the first time. In the past I've grown micro-chain sword successfully, but it was a pain to deal with. It grew up into areas I didn't want it and pulling any of it up would result in far more being pulled out than you want. I'm sure that is somewhat gravel dependent though. Right now that tank has a wonderful mass of blyxa japonica as ground cover. It has grown so dense I'm about to thin it out and transfer some to my other tanks. I just got some glosso for my 12g nano but it's in the acclimation stage still so it looks pretty bad. Hopefully it will recover. There should be plenty of light for it in that tank. I have HC growing in my bog, but I've never successfully grown it immersed. I have some new ideas for that though, so we'll see.

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