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hi Mcorbeil,

First I want to say that I know Neonrob, and he is a good guy, I wouldn`t take it personally, but chaulk up to a guy having a bad day, and forget about it.

Second, I recommend that you read the following thread on here:
How to grow Anubias emersed is discussed at depth. It is important to know that there are many ways to grow Anubias emersed successfully. The hydroton clay balls is one way, sphagnum moss another. I have almost all of my Anubias in Floramax with root fertilization (osomocote in pills).

When I get a new Anubias now, I pot them up and grow them emersed for a few months. I make sure I take them out of rockwool and give them a more porous media. I would not recommend rock wool in submersed culture ever.

In my emersed culture I have let the water dwindle to the point where the bottom of the tray is only wet and I have seen great growth that way. Normally I like to keep water an inch or two below the pots surface. I WOULD NOT recommend keeping Anubias in an open top aquarium. Although they grow well emersed, high humidity is a must or your leaves will dry up . The humidity in my humidomes stays in excess of 90%.

I also recommend that you read Schotts rediscription of Anubias which is available onlline as a pdf . Just google Anubias schott. The redescription was done in 1976.

In Zuricks article I mentioned above he has some links to his site. They are well worth looking at. Plenty of photos which show how he pots up his Anubias. Learning to grow Aroids emersed quickly becomes addictive especially once you try such things as Cryptocorynes, Bucephalandra, Piptostapha, Schismatoglottis, and Lagenandra. Good luck and keep posting your experiences.

From time to time, it is beneficial to completely submerge the pots for several hours to prevent harmful fungus that grows in wet oxygen rich environments. Apparently complete immersion keeps it in check.

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