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I have a single C Keei jambusan that I am growing in a 20 gal long, where I use 1 inch of Miracle Grow Organic Choice (MGOC) potting soil capped with another 1 to 2 inches of Black Diamond Blasting Grit, heavily washed to remove contaminants and any residue from the BDBG which is really coal slag.

I have a four foot fluorscent t8 hood with a shiny aluminum reflector (Home Depot about $36) with 2 6500 K T8 bulbs. I have it setup as a riparium so it is open top.

I added frogbit to soak up the craziness in the water that comes with new tank syndrome and it has multiplied exponentially and needs to be harvested weekly. All the plants in this setup are doing well, except the Cyperus helferi, which likely needs the addition of CO2.

The Keei has two new leaves in the last few weeks. My light regimen is 12 on/ 12 off.

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