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guaging interest... Paintball CO2 systems

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Hey folks,

After some discussion in chat about it, and meeting up with a paintball wizard... I can say for sure - using paintball CO2 bottles for planted aquaria is definitely on the horizon.

I say this because I found a source, and some rough pricing on some custom work...

Problem as with all manufacturers - is to make it worth their time and effort - they want a substantial minimum order (this case - 150).

How many of you out there would be interested? For rough estimate of 40us$ you'd get a fixed regulator, very fine adjustment needle valve (According to the manufacturer, they will do as low as 1bpm), and a tank side pressure guage. Just the basics - I'm sure one can add solenoids etc later if they wished.

Advantages: Basically initial price. Pressurized system for 70$us (20/24 oz paintball tanks/bottles are under 30$) Refills might be a little easier to find for those in areas away from industrial sources. Size could make them an attractive option for those with nano tanks at the office... And there is the bling factor - after all, no exchanges - so blow all the $ you want on a fancy bottle :)

Disadvantages: Long term cost - refills for the little bottles run 5-10$, and they wont last near as long as the 5lb you could get refilled for about the same price... Otherwise, it's basically the same system.

So, what sayeth APC?

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Agreed, it is the size not the cost. I don't want to use a 5# cylinder on a little 5 gallon aquarium that I keep at work, but I would definitely consider a small co2 kit, and my tank would look way better with it.
There is also another thread currently going that has started talking about mini-co2 systems.
Marc said:

I wanted to know if the tank in the picture is a paintball tank with a cga-320 valve or standard size 1.25# co2 tank.

I've been having a hard time finding a shop that sells a standard co2 tank that size.
You can scroll down the page and see the breakmate co2 cylinders, they are 1.25#.
I would contact the breakmate website owner because wherever they are getting the cylinders from probably also sells the cylinders with the typical CGA320 valve. I think the welding supply store will look at you crazy if you bring in a 1# cylinder, they looked at me like I was from another planet when I brough in a 2.5#, hehe.

I really think the regulator below is the way to go, you can change the nipple output to a needle valve since it is 3/8" threaded and the bottom fits 5/8" and is made for disposable cartridges, but I think 5/8" is also the same as paintball cylinders. Never actually seeing one in person I can't comment with any certainty though.
imatrout said:
I'm interested too! However, for a nano tank, I think if somebody came up with a $10 device that could simultaneously puncture and seal plastice soda bottle cap, they would have a winner.

For 50 cents I can buy a 2 liter bottle of soda water. If I could get the CO2 out in BPM's, I think it could last a week or more supplying a 1-3 gallon tank. Maybe longer! You need a device that has a needle valve built in and a hose attachment, but on the other end, clamps to the bottle top, punctures it and forms a seal.
I would be worried about fouling the regulator by using the co2 in soda bottles.

I will fill everyone in on the price when I recieve my quote from Leland, they sell directly to consumers.
Marc said:
So let me back up here for a second. That lelad regulator- what canister will that fit? will if fit the paintball tanks?
That Leland regulator fits disposable co2 cartridges of 3/8" or 5/8". I am trying to find out if the Leland regulator can fit paintball cylinders pressurized to 850 PSI, because I think they are also 5/8". It was designed for disposables though.
awesome!! if this works out I think a lot of people will be very happy. :D
dennis said:
I am pretty sure it is a different thread spacing even if it is the same diameter. The Leleand is made to actually peirce a disposable cartridge...

That being said, Drs Foster and Smaith sell that exact regulator along with a 2.5 gallon CO2 cylinder. The wording in the cataloge is "for use with the cylinder listed below" but I do not know if that is a marketing ploy or not.

Any good paintball store can swap the factory thread stem to a standard CGA320, at least mine will although I have not had them do it.
I can't seem to find the dr FS regulator you are talking about, I just see the standard azoo one.
You don't have to buy through a middle man, Leland sells directly to consumers. I am still waiting to receive my quote because the sales department is out of town. It will definitely be pricey, but still way cheaper than the ADA regulator. In my situation I can't bring a 2.5# cylinder to my workplace, there is just no way they would allow that, so this is a great alternative.

Another website sells the regulator plus an attachment for 5 dollars cheaper than petsolutions.
that's awesome magicmagni, let us know how long the 75g bottle lasts
I bet in a little time other companies will make a similar paintball based system. It just takes one company to start the trend...If you are in SCAPE I believe this system will be utilized in the demo tank next week.
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