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I think it goes without saying that I am interested, since I was the newbie in the chat asking all the silly questions that got this started ;)

The main reason I am interested is that I have 3 tanks in 3 different rooms of my apartment. While it would be more economical to consolodate and bring all the tanks together, space requirements don't make that possible. I suppose it could be possible to have a 5lb tank in each room. However, some of the tanks, like the 10 gallon on my dresser, do not have much space around them or below them to house such a tank. With a 20oz paintball tank, I should be able to just set it on the dresser next to the tank - no problem.

What kind of custom work does this entail, Andy?

Edit: Incidentally, I managed to find the disposable CO2 line put out by ADA in Japan. LINK Those bottles seem about as small as paintball tanks. Funny part is that the gas is scented to smell like different natural locations such as "Amazonian", "Malayan" and "African"
1 - 5 of 100 Posts
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