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Hi Matt,

1. Could all of them had been eatin? Where I saw the little one before my danios are swimming around there like crazy.
Yes-- they could have been. But you might just not see them, they could still be there. They hide well.

2. How do I get enough food in the tank for the fry, if I am going to leave them in the main tank?
Some people grind up flake food. I don't; instead I keep lots of moss, which seems to always have something for fry to snack on, and I feed live foods like brine shrimp and microworms. Even if I don't see babies, but I see that a fish has had them, I feed as if there are babies. They usually show up.

3. What is norm for fry from guppies?
I think for a first-timer you could expect anywhere from 5 to 30. I'm not a guppy "expert" though. ;)
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