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H. difformis as groundcover

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Hey all, I am getting ready to plant difformis tops as a ground cover. It seems to grow pretty slowly in my tanks even with high light and CO2. Is any one else doing this? What do ya'll think?

On a side note to this, the few existing stems of it that I have have reciently changed their leaf shape to a large degree. Ever since flourish and P dosing the new growth is muchm uch wider and with more rounded tips. The stems have been in my tank for a couple of months easily so I know it is not changing from emersed growth. I also have some in another tank that does not get any dosing except K. Is this normal. I'll try to get a pic soon.

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Although I've never done it personally, the display tank at Old Town Aquarium in Chicago once had a foreground composed of horizontally growing Hygrophila difformis. Looked nice. I liked it. :)

Just try planting the stems horizontally across the substrate. Don't let it get shaded, and it should do well.

The change in Hygrophila difformis is normal. Just means it's getting big, fat, and healthy. :D

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Thanks Carlos:) That looks like mine is starting to look.
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