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H2O2 is good for a number of spot treatments I think, if you have lots of algae, best to remove it by hand first, then kill off the stragglers.

Full tank treatements might help tip a slight imbalance, but so would a tank cleaning. Add that to any treatment method BTW.
The problem with chemical treatments with a strong oxidizer are fish and plants can be fried if you do not do precise measurements and just dump what the person thinks is a fair amount, does many treatments every few hours etc.

You can get more effective use from dosing about 2/3 of the day into the light cycle also.

Turn off all filters etc for spot cleaning.

Some folks can use this and treat whole tanks with some success if they are careful.

Everytime someone post a H2O2 thing, someonme tries it and kills their entire tank of fish. It's not this gentle thing.
Same is true for copper but it's less lethal to your fish.

I personally don't use any anti algae chemicals since back in the 1990's nor need to nor really recommend them, but folks seem enamored with them and focus less on the plants. Algae killing is fun I suppose..........then it comes back, then you kill it again, then it comes back etc etc.

For spot cleaning, I just lop off the leaf or scrub it off. I use the plants and plain old mainteance methods to deal with algae.

Tom Barr
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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