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Hi All

For anyone out there using this kit, I am feeling kinda foolish because I dont really understand the directions...

it is a low range 0-1mg/L and high 1-10 mg/L kit, I presume... For my purposes I really want to verify that I stay in the 10-20 ppm range with my dosage regimen for nitrate in the tank

I'm not sure how to use the test kit for these values... I think I'd need to dilute the sample (0.5 cc) from the dropper) to the 5 ml mark with distilled water and then use the first reagent mix thoroughly, pour the supernatant in the second tube, add the 2nd reagent mix, wait 10 mins and read?

On my first trial run with this method, I got a value of .25. How should I convert this to a usable value, multiply by ten and then read that finaly # as ppm?

thanks in advance for any advice

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