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Hi all,

A week ago started having staghorne algae...

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I read it was due to lack of flow or poor co2 distribution so I installed a power head.
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After a week staghorn has stopped growing up but it has appear hair algae (I believe)...
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Any help/adviced will be much appreciated.


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Can you provide more information about your aquarium? Lighting, substrate, tank size, fertilizing, CO2, etc.? That might suggest some problem to some of us.
Sorry for the late reply.

Planted date 1/03/2020

230 litres 92x50x50

Seiryu stone and some wood.

Substrate : Help plants

Light: 2 White led lamps, (total 100 Watts and around 11125 lm).
7h per day

Filter jbl 1501 with 2 kg matrix + 100 ml purigen

Water change: Weekly 50%
I use 100%RO water without remineralise as I have seiryu stone and after 12h I get:
TDS 120
Kh 4
Gh 6

Co2 30 ppm during the light period

Fertilising Every day:
2 ppm NO3 (with KNO3)
0.5 ppm Po4 (with PH2PO4)
( K included in the KNO3 salt)
2ml propel
4ml envy
8ml Excel or easycarbo

Other equipment:
Skimmer eheim 350
Auto Dosing pump
Magnetic agitator

Recent changes:

Added Power head circulation pump to increase water flow.
Removal of Sera co2 reactor 500 to increase water flow.
Added co2 neo aquaRio difuser installed.

Due to poor nutrients in the last measure I did before the last water change (no3 2 ppm, Po4 0,3ppm) I have decided to increase 50% of the N & P.

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So just before the co2 is switched off I have a ph around 6.5 and next day in the morning, just before the lights turn on I have Ph of 7.0

Does it mean that I have just 15ppm so I should increase CO2 level to go near to 30 ppm?

I realised also that when the kh is 3.5-4 the ph difference is 0.5

However as I am getting close to the water change my kh increase until 6 due to the seiryu stone, then the difference is just 0.2 but I put same co2 in the water...
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