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hairgrass/amano shrimp in so-cal?

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Hi guys, this is my first post and i want to ask some simple questions..

I live in Irvine, and since i've seen afew users here are in the so-cal area i thought maybe you guys can help me out.

I cant seem to find dwarf hairgrass and amano shrimp around this area..
i've been to petown, but they dont have hairgrass and i didnt see any amano shrimps in their tanks at the store either.

Where do you guys get your hairgrass and shrimps? i mean worst comes to worst i'll just order them online, just trying to find a way to save the shipping prices if there are any stores nearby.

and final question is, where can i find rocks that are safe to put in my aquarium? i havent actually went out to look for stones, but if someone can point me the right direction i'd appreciate it.

Thanks for the help guys
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too bad that I just gave all my hairgrass to another guy that lives in Irvine,
I got mine off the internet originally

Sometimes you can find amano shrimps from other hobbyists and somtimes they have them at local fishstores but be careful some fishstores aren't selling true Caridina japonica. A while back a member did a groupbuy for them in socal.

I've heard that Lowes carries hair grass in their pond section. Haven't gone to check it out yet, though.

I've found the best source of plants is either by looking in the "for sale" section on a board like this, or from Aquabid. In both cases you get a much more generous portion than you would from your store (usually), and many just charge for around the actual shipping cost, so it's usually $5 or less.

As for rocks, here is a very good article on rocks for the aquarium.

I actually have some hairgrass up for auction on this site right now. Check out the auction section. I have enough to double or triple the amount that is in the auction is you want more.

It is listed under Eleocharis acicularis, not hairgrass.
Hi, I am in the Inland Empire, and I have never seen amano shrimp in any store in this area. I think your best bet is to find a local store who will special-order them for you. That's what I had to do. They got me 6 amanos for $23.00 ($3.50 each). If you order them online, it will probably be $25 for the shipping alone! Most local stores should be able to get them if you ask, but for some reason, amanos still seem to be scarce in the LA area.
I know this is an old post, but if you guys are still looking for Amano shrimp, Hacienda Aquatics has them. They're north of Amar on Hacienda, right next to the sizzlers and dominos. They are selling them as "Algae Eating Shrimp" $1.99 each or 4 for $5.99.
I was just at petown yesterday and they definately have amano shrimps. They also have cherries going for an expensive $5.99. The amanos are $1.99. They also call them japonica I think.
StrungOut said:
I was just at petown yesterday and they definately have amano shrimps. They also have cherries going for an expensive $5.99. The amanos are $1.99. They also call them japonica I think.
Yes, that's right.

For hairgrass, check PetSmart in Aliso Viejo--I bought some there 5 months ago & have seen it since. Call them & ask when their plants come in (I think it's Thursdays). They don't know what hairgrass is, so don't bother asking for it, just go.
petco has hairgrass but its all tied up not potted youll need to untangle the mass before you plant
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