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Hi guys, this is my first post and i want to ask some simple questions..

I live in Irvine, and since i've seen afew users here are in the so-cal area i thought maybe you guys can help me out.

I cant seem to find dwarf hairgrass and amano shrimp around this area..
i've been to petown, but they dont have hairgrass and i didnt see any amano shrimps in their tanks at the store either.

Where do you guys get your hairgrass and shrimps? i mean worst comes to worst i'll just order them online, just trying to find a way to save the shipping prices if there are any stores nearby.

and final question is, where can i find rocks that are safe to put in my aquarium? i havent actually went out to look for stones, but if someone can point me the right direction i'd appreciate it.

Thanks for the help guys
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