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Having a Problem Dissolving KNO3

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I just worked up my first solution of KNO3 and KH2P04 for macro dosing. The problem is that I can't get my KN03 powder to fully dissolve in my solution. Here's what I did...

I used Gadd's Windows app for calculating the amount of dry ingredients. I proceeded with:

2 Tbs KNO3 in 100ml (distilled water) = 5.42 ppm Nitrate for each ML of solution added to my 10g nano

1 Tsp KH2P04 in 100ml (distilled water) = .88 ppm Phosphate for each ML of solution added to my 10g nano

Does the KN03 just take a while to fully dissolve?

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Remember dry ferts need to be dissolved in a small amount of warm water first. Then you add the rest of the water to it after the solids have dissolved.
Hi Ashly Scott

Here is the info FAQ
Look for Maximum solubility data.

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