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Having problems logging in?

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i've been having major problems logging straight in to my mailbox the past couple of days. I think there might be some of you having the same trouble. I think i figured a temporary solution around this.

When you first type in it will take you to the homepage(not the forum page). You'll see to the right that we can log in immediately without the need to click on the log in button on top. Just log in in the right and you'll find the same o
"forum temporarily unabailable" message.

Then Click Back to go back to the homepage again. For some reason... At this point, you're completely logged in and you can check your mailbox and make posts.

hope that helps.

moderators and admins. Is there still a problem with this issue? or could my explorere be configured wrong (which is highly unlikely, but a possibility).
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This may have something to do with your security settings. Please make sure you are allowed to accept cookies.

Alternatively, I'm looking into the possibility that something needs to be changed to the cookie settings from the board's perspective.
hmm thanks art for getting it checked out. Maybe there's something wrong with my explorer. I tried my friends computers and everything seems fine. There might be something going on with my windows 2k3 server. I'll let u know if the problem gets fixed on this side. Thanks again
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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