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Hello, all you's peoples

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Well, I am feeling guilty! «insert little "guilty" face icon here». I have been a member of another forum for about a month and here I am cheating on them. I still love them, of course, it's just that I have a pretty strong, er... drive, so to speak. So, unable to control this, er, drive, well, my eyes just started wandering, and I saw this here forum. Woe is me! Unable to remain faithful to just one forum! Is it possible for one man to have two forums? We'll see. If the guilt doesn't drive me insane, it just might work.
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Uh oh. Everyone gets a "welcome" but me. Boy, am I embarrassed. OK, next time I'll know better. No attempts at humor.
Wow. Snubbed by the mods. That really hurts.
I dont think a lot of people check here often. Welcome to APC!!
Howdy, welcome to APC.

I think you'll find that being a member of one the one forum only adds to the enjoyment as they all seem to have a slightly different focus. You'll also see that many of us post in munltiple forums too.
So are we like the mistress?? :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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