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Hello all

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Hello to all. I am a new member and look forward to gaining new information about planted aquariums.

I have been keeping a planted aquarium now for about 3 years. A 72 gallon bow front. It is my second planted aquarium. I started with a 20 gallon and after only a year, had the need to get a bigger tank.

I operate my tank with a hands off approach. I only fertilize when adding new plants and when the tank was getting going. I don't add any CO2. I didn't use any special substrate. The only splurge is my lighting system. I currently have a really nice 260 watt light system.

I recently moved and had to completely break down my tank. So now it has only been going for about 7 months. And only about 4 months with the light system. During the move my 220 watt DYI system got broken. With this setup I initially had a pretty bad hair algae outbreak and am still trying to get it under control. As the plants continue to mature and fill in the algae seems to be going away. I also lost 2 true Siamese algea eaters (crosocelus?) in the move as well and they really do a number on algae.

My next big move I think is going to be to change the substrate. I figure that now is the time to do it since the plants haven't taken a strong hold yet.

Anyway, good to be a new member and look forward to getting more info on this great hobby.

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Hi and welcome to APC!

The urge to get a bigger tank never goes away. :D

What substrate do you plan to use?

Ok, how do you do it?

3.6wpg and no CO2 and you're not taken over by algea? That much light normally means the plants require more nutrients (carbon and others) otherwise they burn out. And then the algea invades when the plants stop growing.

and oh yes, the urge for bigger tanks! :D
I have been adding fertilizer pellets on occasion for the last couple of months. But no Co2. I may look into a cheap Co2 system, if the plants look like they need help.

As far as substrate goes, right now I just have plain gravel, kinda big and borring. I am thinking of going with eco-complete and a medium sand mixture. Something that looks nice and also functions well for the plants.

Any suggestions wold be great.
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