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Hello all!

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Hi everyone, I'm Darrell. I happened across this incredible forum late last night and had to immediately join. I have a 28 gallon bow front planted tank that I set up a little over 2 years ago. I've redone it once or twice since I learned a lot as I got going on it and learning from mistakes. I'll post pics a little later on this evening. I must say that it looks like there's a lot of people on here that really know their stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to learn a lot myself. There's also some really incredible aquascapes in the album section - nice job everyone! I also like to do a lot of the DIY stuff such as Co2 and I recently put together my moonlights. I'll explain more in detail when I find where to post this info. Thanks for a great site!
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Welcome to APC. I am relatively new to this site and planted tanks in general but I can say you have come to the right place. I have gotten so much information from the forum and also the chat.
I am also in Saint Louis. Have you ever been to any of the Missouri Aquarium Society meetings? They have an auction in February that I hope to attend. Let me know if you have any plants you might like to trade and maybe we can work out a deal.
Hi Gary. I didn't know that there was an aquarium society in MO. Where will the meeting be? I might be interested in going to that. Well, I do have a whole lot of java fern baby plants that are still growing on the mother plant that I would be interested in trading for some riccia fluitans (spelling) and possibly anything else. I recently gave 15 of them to my brother and they're doing well. They are approx 1"-3" tall at the moment. Let me know. Also, where in St. Louis do you live? I'm out in Wildwood, near Chesterfield.
Darrell, welcome to APC :D

Thanks for the compliment!

Looking forward to seeing pics of your tank.
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