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Well for starters my name is Craig and I'm happy to a be new member of this online community of fellow aqaurium enthusiasts. I began keeping aquariums when i was in grade school with my father. I guess it was a father/son bonding opportunity... Our one 20 gallon FW community tank soon expanded to a basement filled with tanks that housed an ungodly ammount of water in the limited space provided! As i made my way into highschool and my parents business began to grow we found the overwhelming task of maintaining all of these systems to be too much of a burden. So we began selling off livestock/hardware till we were left with three tanks. When i went to college i couldnt help myself and started up a 36 gallon bowfront. Which in my case was a bad idea!!! I have been clinicly diagnosed with MTS and my overwhelming passion for this hobby soon expanded to three more tanks. To some that doesnt sound like a lot but in a 900 sq ft apartment it can be more than a handful especially when living with your girlfriend who isnt all that enthralled with aquariums, a 120lb bull mastiff, and a three legged rescue becomes a daunting task keeping all those ladies happy! (all of my animals are female) haha!

Anyway, I currently work for an aquaculture facility where we grow corals to be sold to clients who have systems installed by us. I also design/install/maintain water gardens, fish only marine aqauriums, reef aqauriums, and FW planted/inverts aquariums. I also build/design custom aquarium products ranging from Co2 destruct systems, fluidized bed reactors, FW/SW holding systems, automatic top off systems, lighting fixtures, sumps, etc...

My passion is for marine reef aquariums but have a fair share of experience with aquariums off all kinds as well as systems of all sizes. Currently, I only keep marine aquariums at home but am always looking to expand my knowledge of maintaining all kinds of aquatic life in a closed system. So, I guess I'll give you the run down of my current personal setups...

First, I have a 90 gallon SPS dominated reef tank w/ 30 gallon sump and 10 gallon refugium. Im running two 250watt pheonix 14k hqi metal halides w/ lumenmax reflectors, two 54W geissman powerchrome pure actinic T5's w/ individual reflectors, and four high powered 420nm LED's for moonlighting. I am growing cheatomorph and mangroves in the refugium ( i plan to upgrade the size as the magroves grow) with a 4 inch sand bed. For filtration i am running a 100 micron filter inline with a 40 watt UV sterilzer directly into a custome built fluidized bed filled with carbon. For phosphate removal i have another fluidized bed that i built filled with granular ferric oxide. Since real estate is limited in the sump i have an external DAS EX-1 recirculating protien skimmer. To maintain calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium...I run three peristalic dosing pumps to supply the ammounts needed as well as adding kalkwasser to my automatic top off. For flow in the tank i have a Mag 12 return pump and two Ecotech Marine Vortech pwerheads w/ the wireless wave drivers. I think that sums up that tank :)

Next, i have a 36 gallon mixed reef...more or less a grow out tank/nursery for my corals. This was the 36 gallon i spoke about above as being my first tank since i went to college. Its a pretty basic setup so i wont bother you with the details. Although i will say the lights on it are GREAT! anyone looking into a sweet T5 setup should look into the aquactinic TX5 hood!

Then in my living room i have a 30 gallon finnex cube with a custom lighting hood that i built that houses my dwarf cuttlefish. As a side note cuttlefish are the coolests inverts i have ever kept!!

Finally i have a 14 gallon Qtank...

Thanks for reading this far if you actually made it this far and again im happy to be a new member here!

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Well, I admit that I didn't read all the way to the end, but your job sounds friggin' cool! I have 'MoreTankSyndrome', too. But my wife has found a cure, :boxing: so I still just have the one. ;)

Welcome to APC!

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