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Hello everyone,
I recently re-started my old 20 gallon tank Which had been neglected for about 4 years, although Ive more or less, on and off had fish for most of my life, and even got into plants and co2 a while back this is my first serious and so far successful attempt at a planted tank.
So far everything is going great, plants are growing, fish seem happy, nothing but nitrates in the water now.
I completed installing all the equipment I wanted for this tank and ran into my first hiccup…I added a CO2art inline diffusor and the first morning after I noticed a small puddle underneath it, I checked all the connections and they seemed dry, i figured it must have been a spill from a water change I did earlier in the morning…this morning a day after, I checked again…another small puddle..and its coming from the diffusor Im guessing either I didnt clamp and secure the line correctly, ill check it this afternoon when I get back from work..also they have happened overnight when the pressure is off so Ill have to probably dismount it and look for cracks, unseated seals or something that needs to be tightend. Has anyone here had a similar problem with this particular difusor its kind of frustrating and potentially a much larger problem becuase its too close to my electrical connections and I will be leaving tomorrow for a few days. Here are some pics of my set up

before and after too


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