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Hello Everyone

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I'm new to keeping a planted aquarium. As you can see by my posts, I'm an engineer at heart. The company I work for does its work in the sanitary process end of the food/beverage/pharmeceutical industries. We do alot of work with CO2 injection and multi-stream blending. I'm hoping to bring some of this experience to use in my aquarium and maybe help some of yours. Please excuse my ignorance as I navigate the learning curve of this hobby.

My wife and I just bought a 55g aquarium as a Christmas present for our son. In order to keep my interest level high (I'm sure the novelty of community fish will wear off soon) I've decided to delve into the world of planted tanks. I've seen pictures of many of your tanks on this site and can only aspire to one day have that level of success. Thanks in advance for all of your inputs.
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Im sure you will find exciting the world of planted tanks. In this site there is a lot of experienced users - wich is not my case :lol: - that will help you for sure.
Welcome :)

Best Regards
Welcome Steve :D

What a nice Christmas gift for your son, he must be very excited to get started setting the tank up. How old is your son?

You have came to the right place to get your questions answered.
Hello Trenac

My son is only two. But he loves looking at the fish at the doctor's office and I need a new hobby. I chose to venture into planted tanks to keep me more interested. Hopefully, while he grows into it, the plant aspect will keep me from growing out of it. We should have fun putting it together and watching it grow. A quick question. I'm finishing up building a stand and my next project will be the hood. I've read alot about the importance of getting the light into the tank. Reflector material is a popular topic of discussion. Why doesn't anyone use a mirror. You could have it cut into strips and form a multi-faceted dome inside a wooden hood. I guess the edges would be sharp, but could be covered with silicon.
Sounds like a great father son project, nice together time. Starting them off young is a great way to teach them respect for other creatures and the enviorment.

I don't think you will get bored with a planted tank, it is very addictive. I started off with one and within a years time I had four. Your son should never get tired of watching the fish either(cross your fingers, LOL).

Not very good with the DIY projects so I will let someone else answer that question. It might be a good idea to post that question in the DIY section.
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