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Hello everyone!

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Hi, my name is Eric and I'd like to share some pics of my planted 75 gal tank with everyone. Natural planted tanks are one of my biggest passions. Big fan of Takashi Amano.
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Welcome! That is a fine looking tank! Very natural looking..Thanks for sharing..
Nice tank AND fish. What is that plant in the back on the right, the reddish looking one.
It's a hygrophila (guianensis I think) & grows to about 50cm (not illegal here in Canada) and needs to be pruned like twice a week. Since I took this photo I've added some red ludwigia where you see the red hygro.

Plants include: Two types of hygrophila, red ludwigia, cabomba, amazon sword, and some really small swords (either Echinodorus bleheri or aquatica), java fern, and sagittaria subulata.
Hi! Welcome to APC. Your tank looks great, very natural without being a jungle. Your fish look great too, I'm a big fan of angels and I like the markings on yours.
Hello Eric... Welcome to APC :pop2:

Your tanks looks nice & healthy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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