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Hello Everyone!

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Hey everyone,
I'm Copelin and I'm new to the site. I've been keeping fish for just over 3 years now and have learned a lot since my 1st fish bowl :rolleyes: .. I just upgraded from a 55 gal. to a 130 gal. and my fish love it and their colours have never been so bright. In my aquarium I have 6 rainbowfish, 3 electric blue jack dempseys, 2 royal plecos, 1 sydonis, and 1 common pleco.
I joined this site because now that I've got my dream aquarium, I'm VERY excited to get into aquatic plant keeping because all the freshwater planted aquariums i've seen on this site look AMAZING, and I would like the same for my fish. However, to put it plain and simple... I don't really know what i'm doing :confused: ?? So before I really get into it, I'll leave on that note and hopefully I will attract some advice to the help section of this forum where I'll explain where I'm currently at.

Thanks everyone and I'm looking forward to discussing with all of you! (and hopefully not get TOO jelous looking at your aquariums! :p jk)
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Welcome to the forum, Copelin.
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