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JanS said:
LOL! Isn't it fun? :)

I would put your seeding stuff in the tank at the same time you add the first few fish, not before. The established bacteria needs the fish waste to keep going, so if you put it in before adding the fish, it might start dying.
I have cycled tanks using household ammonia (make sure it doesn't contain perfumes and such) just by adding a few drops of ammonia a day. I have a hospital tank that is a small 1g that houses no fish (lets hope it stays that way, heh) that I keep cycled by adding a drop or two of ammonia every day or two.

I was thinking about the situation of reseeding the tank and seeing how well it was going to handle ammonia. I was thinking If I was in the situation of testing a new aquarium to see if I brought enough of a bacteria colony over, I would use household ammonia to do the testing instead of a fish. This way if the newly established aquarium cannot properly convert/cycle the ammonia, then you aren't subjecting the fish to unhealthy water conditions.

Here is a google link depicting sites that show the prodcedure ,as well as benefits, of useing household ammonia to cycle/maintain a nitrifying bacteria colony:

I know some people use flake food as an ammonia source. I find this to be a little bit messy since there is nothing to eat up the food in the tank. This is why I use the ammonia method.

With your seeding material you shouldn't get any ammonia or nitrite spikes as long as you don't add too many fish at first. I'd still keep an eye on it though.
I would think she probably wouldn't see any spikes, but IMHO I would use household ammonia or another source to test for spikes instead of fish.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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