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I am from the SF Bay Area. I am relatively new to fish keeping. My last fish was a gold fish that I kept in a bowl that I had won from a carnival when I was 9. This time around I am aiming a bit higher. I plan on a heavily planted tank using the Walstad method. I am slowly getting everything together.

Here is my equipment:
20g long tank w/ stand
Finnex Fugeray 24" (On Order)
Aqueon 100W heater
Aqua Clear Powerhead 127gph (not yet purchased)

Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix
Black Gravel

Zebra rock

Plant life:
I have not got the plants yet since I am not ready to start but I will try to get 12 to 18 plants in the first day I add my substrate.

Potential fish:
5-7 Harlequin Rasbora
5-7 Black Phantom Tetra
4-6 Schwartii Cory or 4-6 Sterbai Cory (Still undecided)
1 Electric Blue Ram
2 -3 Assassin Snails

I am not in a rush so i hope to have the tank started by the end of October. I plan to post pictures when I do get started.

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Thanks Michael. I have been combing through the El Natural section "all day". I also have the manual at home; Ecology of the Planted Aquarium. I think the one take away from the book I have is that there is no one right way.
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