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Hello From Florida

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Hello! I am pretty new to planted aquariums and aquaria in general. I've only been into fish for about 2 years, and all my tanks are low light. I'm not really interested into getting into the high tech tanks right now, but sure love the looks of real plants in a tank. My home base is FishGeeks, and I am a forums junkie, so you have or will probably see a lot around the fish forums. I hope to be able to learn stuff here, and hope to contribute as well! :wink:
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Welcome to the forum :)

For planted aquaria, you're in the right place :)
Welcom! There is TONS of stuff to learn here on APC! This is the best forum around for plant junkies :)
OH,OH, a Seminole!! :D Welcome Gunnie, from a Gator fan! :D But, seriously, this is a great site with great folks.
Hi Gunnie, nice to see you over here. :)

You've come to a great place to learn all the ropes of a planted tank.
Welcome Gunnie :)
Hi gunnie
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