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Well I seem to have finally found a decent plant forum, I've snooped for some, and this seems to be the best of the batch.
I currently have a 125 Gallon tank, filled with mostly Cichlids, 2 Dempsey's, 2 Pink Convicts, 2 Texas, 1 Firemouth, 2 Blacks(breeding like crazy), 3 Plecos, 1 Oscar, UDC, panda cory, julli cory, and a partridge in a pear tree. I've got large gravel substrate, clay flower pots, and some slate tiles(new ones, broken, from a bathroom I remodeled). I realize cichlids love to eat plants, and dig them up, but I'm on a search for some hardier plants that I can keep in there as decoration, a hiding place for the Convict kids, and a different source of food for the fish.
I have an onion plant, 2 moss balls, and some amazon sword in there and it seems to be keeping up pretty good. I also have a 10 gallon tank, that is utterly bare except for about 15 Guppies, which are the predominant live food source the cichlids get.

That's about it from me, time to go read some threads and see what everyone else has.
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