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Hello to everyone in APC!

My name is François. I live in Victoriaville, a beautiful town in the province of Québec, Canada. As you probably hnow, Québec is the only french speaking province in Canada so you will have to use a little bit imagination with my english!!:):D I'm a professional landscape designer and it is probably for this reason that I have such a big interest for aquascaping. I use to play every day with foliages, rocks and dirt.

I'm happy to finally be part of this virtual community. For the last months, I came to this site almost every day to read and learn a lot about aquascaping. Fifteen years ago, I gave a try with a 30 gal tank but I have to admit that it has been not very good experience. At that time, good information about fish keeping and aquascaping was not that easy to find and with the information that you find in pet stores, you go directly to a disaster!

Motivated by my reading, I've decided to take back the tank from the basement and give a another try. Even if it not look exactly like the tank I found here, the result motivate me to go futher with aquascaping. I just bought a brand new 65 gal tank. When I will be ready to plant it, I will try to produce a journal to present you the result.

Hope to heard from you soon...
Au plaisir de vous connaître...


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Hello François... I'm glad that you decided to join us here at APC :welcome:

That's an interesting fact on Canada. I learned something new today, now if I can only remember it!
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