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I currently have a 65 gal freshwater tank that I've had for about 3 years now. Only recently have I really decided to get serious and turn it into a true aquarium. I've never had live plants until this point, so any advice on them would be GREATLY appreciated. The fish that live in my tank are angels, tetras, platys, a pleco, a rainbow shark, and a gourami. I've planted an amazon sword and a red wendth in the tank as well. However I'm having a lot of trouble with my angels dying. I'm down to 2 large angels in the tank and none of the others appeared to be having any trouble until I came in the next morning and they were dead. Any suggestions on my angel problem? Also, any suggestion on the plants in my tank (lighting too, the info out there is a little confusing)?

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Hello Ashley... Welcome to APC :cheer2:

Take a look at these sites, which give some very helpful info...
If you have any specific questions after reading, please feel free to ask them in the appropriate forum.

Post your question in "Fish for a Planted Tank" forum, along with more info on your tank setup, water parameters & more details of the problems you are having with your Angels. This way there will be more views & help.
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