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Hello from Southern Colorado

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Brand new here - stumbled onto the forum while trying to learn about iwagumi tanks. I just got back into the freshwater aquarium hobby after about 30 years of not having any fish at all. Picked up a magazine and discovered that those pretty aquariums that have beautiful underwater landscaping actually have a name! :)

I have started out small again, until I can get my feet wet and re-learn all the ins and outs. Right now I have a little 3 gallon oval tank that has one neon tetra and one Cory catfish. It was a Christmas special deal at Walmart, nice little kit with everything but the heater included. I didn't like having to buy it separately, but did so I could get going.

But of course I'm already dreaming of a bigger tank, and husband is dreaming of more exotic fish - he's just not a guppy/tetra person.

Glad to be here and hello to everyone!

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Welcome Patty1,

Like you I came back to the hobby after a several year sabbatical because I like the looks of aquascaped tanks. This a great site with friendly helpful people and useful information. Good luck on your new adventure!
Hi Patty,
Its nice to see another coloradan on the site. If you are looking for cool plants be sure to visit Aquamart in lakewood. The infant Mile Hile Aquatic Gardeners will host it's first meeting there in January.
Welcome to the forum, Patty. This is a wonderful place for the hobbyists. You'll find amazing help with our friends here.
Welcome Patty! :wave:

It's cool that your Husband shares the interest too. It can make for lots more tanks in a shorter amount of time. ;)
Hi Patty... Welcome to APC :cheer2:
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