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Brand new here - stumbled onto the forum while trying to learn about iwagumi tanks. I just got back into the freshwater aquarium hobby after about 30 years of not having any fish at all. Picked up a magazine and discovered that those pretty aquariums that have beautiful underwater landscaping actually have a name! :)

I have started out small again, until I can get my feet wet and re-learn all the ins and outs. Right now I have a little 3 gallon oval tank that has one neon tetra and one Cory catfish. It was a Christmas special deal at Walmart, nice little kit with everything but the heater included. I didn't like having to buy it separately, but did so I could get going.

But of course I'm already dreaming of a bigger tank, and husband is dreaming of more exotic fish - he's just not a guppy/tetra person.

Glad to be here and hello to everyone!

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