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Hello from Strongsville, Ohio

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Hello to all! I have been in the aquarium hobby for almost 50yrs. Have just recently became interested in the gardening aspect of the hobby. I have a 55gal. tank at present that I want to set up as a South American planted tank so I am here to learn what is needed to take care of these native plants. I also have a couple of smaller tanks that I will be planting in the future. For now the attention will be set on the 55. I work in a craft supply warehouse fulltime, and, parttime I am a firefighter/paramedic in a small township south of Strongsville here in Ohio. Any pointers as to where to start would be of great help as I have never really given the plants in my tank the attention they needed.
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Welcome to APC.
I still a noob to planted tanks, but I can tell you there is alot of info here. I started out reading thru the stickies then different threads. There are some good people here also who will help you out when you ask question after question. :tea:
Welcome! The following website/article helped me tremendously when I started off:

Before reading it I didn't even really know what questions to ask. So, read, digest, read some more, and start experimenting and asking questions. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, expect algae to thrive for at least awhile, and be PATIENT. :D

Welcome to APC!

Don't be afraid to ask questions as you go, and the great community here will be very helpful in assisting you with your specific questions as they arise. :)
Welcome to the forum.
Glad to meet you. If you have been in the hobby that long I'm sure you have much to share!
Welcome to APC :smile:... You have came to the right place to learn how to take care of those plants!
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