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Hello from Texas

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I've been back into fishkeeping for about 5 months now and have gotten so involved with it that I have started a second tank. My first tank is 75 gal and I have a some plants. Some are doing well and some have not. I just added DIY Co2 and I already had 220 watts of light using 10,000k daylight bulbs. I am in the process of cycling my new 125 gal tank and just added some plants yesterday. I really want to achieve a magnificent aquascape like the ones I've seen on the web. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to APC Mayden!

You have some great tank sizes for aquascaping.
Mayden, welcome to APC :razz: I'm sure with the help you will find here that your aguascape will look just the way you want in no time.
Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome. I broke down and ordered my pressurized co2 equipment. My 125gal tank has 12 bags of flourite and I am already seeing the plants growing even without the co2.
Does anyone have recommendations for fertilizers?

Welcome! A fellow Texan!
Mayden... With a 125G tank, I would go with dry ferts from are sponser Greg Watson.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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