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Recently started back into the hobby and this time giving live plants a try.

Thank is a 36g Bowfront that was purchased used from a neighbor about 2.5mo ago. Started the tank with a undergound plenum filter, that is what I have used before. Then used a mixture of natural clay, unscented, kitty litter mixed with organic potting soil, about 1" - 1.5" deep and then covered with small size pea gravel. From there I added a very large pc. of wood. Then there are some medium sizes for this tank rounded/smooth stream rocks

Tank sat empty of plants and live inhabitants for about 2 weeks while I waited for the tank to settle and clear. Even still today I am having tea stained water from the tannin's. My first plantings were an Amazon Sword, three types of Java fern, alternanthera reineckii, Staurogyne repens, Dwarf hair grass and Anubias Nana..

The Java ferns are all doing great and sprouting babies from the tips. The Anubias is also doing great only it is not attaching very well to the wood, I had to pin it. The reineckii melted quickly and hasn't come back. The hair grass also wilted though I now have a few strands starting to re-emerge. The Amazon Sword also started to wilt and turn brown and transparent. I pruned off the poor leaves and can now see a few started to grow from the center. My poor repens are struggling with the fish rooting them up.

After a couple weeks of planting I started seeing algae so I picked up a couple Pleco's and 2 Chinese Algae eaters from one of the big box stores. One Pleco and one CAE perished within a week or ten days. Then was able to acquire 8 Amano shrimp and at the same time found the wife ordered a doz. Cherry and Blue shrimp. Algae is now gone.

Today I added some Cardinalis and Bacopa Caroliniana to the list. Both are tissue cultures. The Cardinalis I bought 2 packages, one went into the tank and I was able to brake them down into about 10/12pcs., the other package I planted in an unoccupied 2g tank also with the kitty litter/potting soil mix. Tomorrow I will add the Bacopa to that tank.

The idea behind this small tank it to try and use it to get a head start before I feed it ti the fishes. Hopefully it will settle in and start to root.

Anyways, that's who I am,
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