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Hello, I'm new here

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Thank :D Tsunami for inviting me to this forum. I like what you did w/ this place.
I feel welcome already.
This is my first time posting on a plant forum in a long time. I've been busy try to get my aquascaping company up and running also getting ready for 2004 ADA. The company I've started is Aquatic Bliss mainly designing tanks.
I have not got my website up yet so have not posted pictures of my latest work since the 10 gal.
The following picture are from my first aquascape job. It is for a Thai Restaurant in Long Island, NY. The owner went crazy :shock: w/ H2O so I worked w/ about 1000 gallons of water from tanks, pond to a fish bar.

OK I'm having problems posting these picture. Yahoo photos just don't cut it.
Any free image share site?

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My 10 gal.

For those who haven't seen my work. This is the 10 gal. that started it all for me.

for more pictures of that tank go to AGA contest site.
I have a few more tanks to show, but need to download it from my camera.
Well back to getting ready for 2004 ADA contest. US should rank pretty high this year in the Amano contest. I'll be happy to help out, if anyone needs help with there entries.

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Just downloaded into APC album.

Here are picture of 2 x 55 gallons that I did for a thai restaurant in NYC. The tanks are part of a dividing wall between the Thai and the sushi bar.
In these tanks I had to design 2 front side without a back side. It was hard since I only had access on one side of the wall and had to walk around to check the other side from time to time.

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Those are beautiful Ken! I really like your choice of plants for those tanks. I may have to make a trip to NYC just to eat at that restaurant. :)
I agree! Awesome looking tanks! Now if only my ten gallon looked like that......

Welcome, Ken! Glad to see you here. :)

Good job Ken.

Where is that restaurant. I might drive up there one day.

Welcome to APC!

Thanks for posting your work! VERY nice job. =D>

You need to set up your photo album in the Album section and let us see some more!

Thanks for your support.
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More pic. in my gallery

I finally learn how to work my photo album on this site, thanks Art for pointing it out to me. The only problem is I reached the quota of pics.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome I'll help out when I can.
I just uploaded more picture of the early tanks I worked on and more of that restaurant.
The place is Royal Thai. 1627 Hillside Ave., New Hyde Park, NY 11040.
The owner had big plans as you can see, but his pockets was not that deep and poor choice in location. They can'y afford to pay me for maintain the tanks anymore. But since this is my 1st customer, so I do it for free when I have time, also to get one of the 55 gal ready for ADA contest along w/ the 3 new tanks I have at home.
So Phil eat at your own risk, lol...
Not pictured is the first of it's kind, A fish bar. I design it along w/ the remodeler. Its a 40 foot long bar w/ goldfish swimming under your drinking glass from one end to the other. I drain the fish bar due to the owner not getting a liquor licence.
Give me a call (917) 628-0446 if anyone of you are by the area and I'll meet up w/ you.
No pictures yet, but I'm 50% done on a 12 foot long custom plant tank in Flushing, NY in a Bakery on the same block as the Library on Main Street.
This will be the largest plant tank in NYC that I know of. This will be my best work yet since I spend a few months hand picking driftwood and rocks.
Art if you can get me more space, I'll have some pictures in a few weeks.

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